Tips for Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Tips for Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Eyes are the most cherished part of our body that allow seeing the beauty of the world and its unbelievable wonders! As we use our eyes for every minor and major task, we need to keep them in the best shape.

But sadly, as we get old, our upper eyelids become wrinkled and saggy. The loose eyelid skin causes vision difficulty by getting in the way and minimizing eye opening. Some experience lower eyelid bagginess that affects the overall beauty and charm!

But don’t lose hope!

With an advancement in the medical industry, the field of Ophthalmology has also been revolutionized through effective eyelid surgery procedures.

Eyelid surgery, also known as eye lift and blepharoplasty, can now make you look younger and fresh than ever!

Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic treatment that tightens the skin of recipient’s eyelids and reduces the looseness. Nowadays, well-known personalities such as actors and models are using this treatment to hide the signs of aging.

Eyelid surgery is a sensitive method hence recovery might take months. But to speed up this recovery process, here are some tips that prevent post-surgery complications and accelerate healing:

  1. No rubbing!

The first and the most important thing to keep in mind after eyelid surgery is not to rub your eyes for at least 7 days even if you’re feeling any irritation. Rubbing might cause severe infection and increase the recovery duration.

  1. Use medication as prescribed

Your surgeon will prescribe you medication for post-surgery use. It can be a medical tube for external application or a tablet. Follow the instructions properly and don’t skip the use otherwise you may face complications.

  1. Get plenty of rest

The more your eyes will rest, the faster they will recover! Even if you’re not sleepy, just lie down in calm surroundings and close your eyes. Repeat this practice for 10 to 15 minutes hourly.

  1. Avoid dirty environment

Don’t let your treated eyes make any contact with dirt including smoke and dust. Stay in clean indoors to avoid infections and irritations.

  1. Wear Sunglasses in outdoors

Sunlight can be quite sharp to tolerate for your recently treated eyes. Therefore, wear sunglasses in outdoors to avoid direct contact with annoying light.

  1. Avoid body contact sports

You’ll be advised to avoid body contact with sports including swimming. So don’t take this advice for granted because during such games your eyelid may get hit by any object and recovery process may get prolonged.

  1. Don’t use makeup!

You shouldn’t use cosmetic products near eyes for some days following eye lift treatment because these items contain chemicals that might cause infection, redness or unbearable irritation.

  1. Take bath, no shower!

Bath enables easy protection of your eyes from shampoo and conditioner whereas shower directly hits your head and face causing complications.

All in all, to look stunningly gorgeous and surprisingly healthier and younger, after getting an eyelid surgery, use these tips to recover as soon as possible!

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