How do I order Medi-Diets™ counseling materials?

Medi-Diets™ are available as electronic PDFs and are purchased from our website.

There are three ordering options:

What are some ways to utilize Medi-Diets™ counseling materials?

  • Print and then laminate each one.  Create a sturdy set of nutrition counseling tools that you can use as photocopy masters, or have ready as nutrition teaching posters in the office.
  • Once you have downloaded and saved a  Medi-Diets™ nutrition form onto your computer, you and your patient can scroll through the visual nutrition principles and action plans on your laptop or desktop.  Print a copy for your patient to take home.
  • For group presentations, project the Medi-Diets™ downloaded PDF on a large screen, and distribute printed color copies for every participant to use for making nutrition notes and a take home plan.
  • Create bi-lingual English/Spanish materials by printing and laminating the English and Spanish versions of the Medi-Diets materials back-to-back.


Which Medi-Diets™ counseling materials are available in Spanish?


When will there by more Medi-Diets™ counseling materials available in Spanish?

  • Look for more Spanish materials in the next few months.
  • If you have a special need for a Medi-Diets™ material to be translated into Spanish, please contact dietconsultpro.


Why can’t I read my Medi-Diets™ counseling form that I saved to my hard drive?

  • Be sure you have downloaded Adobe® Reader® onto your computer.
  • All Medi-Diets™ materials have been created as PDFs and can only be opened and read in Adobe® Reader ®.


Why are some of the Medi-Diets™ materials designed for standard printer paper and others legal sized paper?