How to make a relationship better

How to make a relationship better

We all want our relationships to be perfect but a relationship is like a workout it requires your focus, determination and going that extra mile every day to keep the charm and the mojo of a relationship alive. This article has some of the best tips and techniques to help you make an ordinary relationship into a really great one.

Frequently repeat the things you did in your first year

The honeymoon period of relationship like we call it, is the first few months and year of it. This is the time when both of you will do some of the most amazing and unique stuff for each other. As time goes on, you tend to sink into your lives so much that you take the presence and meaning of your partner for granted, believe it or not. So when you feel that, start instantly to work on things you did before. Frequently attempt the things you did in your first year of dating and you will see the magic coming back.

Do not rely on assumptions

Most couples live on assumptions of each other.If one is angry at something, they will assume that the partner will realize this and if their partners fail to, then it becomes even more serious and challenging. It is important that you both leave the assumption criteria out of the relationship and make sure everything is asked for and talked about.


Whether it’s a month old relationship or a decade, communication plays a vital role in keeping the relationship healthy. With time, the needs and wants of partners change and without you properly and effectively communicating things to each other, you will never have a healthy on-going magical relationship you always wished for.

Give each other time and space

Do not over-complicate things, balance between your personal time and then giving time to your partner. When you give each other space, you realize the importance of the relationship and the presence of your partner, also try to give a good enough time to each other in order to make sure that the space does not grow.

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