“Medi-Diets nutrition education materials are great!  Accurate, visually interesting and engaging– a highly effective, interactive nutrition education tool!”
— Carol Ceresa, MHSL, RD

“The best patient counseling tools I’ve ever seen!! Very patient-oriented, simple, and easy to read. Very time-saving for both patient and professional.”
— T. Howell, RD

“We thank you for your excellent educational tools. You have made our dietary instructions clearer and easier. The patients really like the large print, graphics, and the simplified approach.”
— S.J. Vinson, M.S., R.D.

“The materials are done well and are so appropriate for the elderly clients.”
— E.S. Gallagher, RD

“The patient-focused approach in your materials makes them so easy to use.”
— A. Klein, RD

“My goodness you put a lot of work into these nutrition education materials. I hope people buy them!”
— M. Rosenberg, Sheryl’s mother

“Knowledgeable, practical and thoughtful, Sheryl Rosenberg-Thouin is an exceptional resource in the area of nutrition science. As a Family Medicine Program Director I trust Sheryl to teach our future family doctors the importance of dietary counseling and its role in good primary care. I encourage you to add Sheryl’s talent, tenacity and passion to your practice. With humor and a gentle style, she helps patients understand the truth of the age-old thought: you are what you eat.”

— Pamela M.Davis, M.D., Program Director Northridge Family Medicine